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Sunday, March 24, 2019
By 3:11 Ministries
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Today as we continue #StoriesFromTheVillage, we’d like to share this letter we received from a thankful Dad whose children were recipients of our Christmas program. I’d like to share a little bit more about him because there are so many more wonderful things to add that aren't included in the letter below. Aside from raising, quite possibly, two of the most well-mannered little gentlemen I’ve ever met, he’s such a hard worker. Though he often works multiple jobs, he still finds time to give the gift of his time in volunteering with nonprofit organizations across Midland, including 311.
If you’ve met him, you know that he has the biggest smile and is always willing to stop whatever he is doing to help anyone in need. He’s a Godly man, a warrior for Christ, and has done a fine job raising his boys the same way.
He showed up to volunteer with us one afternoon without the boys & we immediately asked where our little friends were… the answer?
“They have their own gig, volunteering tonight!”
On his way over to volunteer with us at 311, he dropped them off at another organization that the boys enjoy serving with. It made my heart so happy to know that these little gentlemen were finding their niche in the volunteering world and were giving back to their community, all on their own! For all nonprofits, volunteering is such a HUGE blessing.
When we told this Dad that we were starting a new adventure & were raising funds to build a new facility to serve as 311’s home base, he started praying with us right then and there.
Please join us in prayer as we walk this journey.
We need your help!

Your gift of $75 will help build The Village and allow 311 to continue serving these sweet little gentlemen, along with thousands of other children in our local school system.
Will you #BeTheBlessing?

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